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9 Great Custom Graduation Gift Ideas

April 29, 2021 4 min read

Graduating high school or college is an important milestone for everyone, and it’s natural to want to celebrate this achievement in the best possible way. Giving gifts is a traditional and treasured memento for all graduates. However, it’s the thought behind what you give that has the lasting memories.

There are tons of gifts on the market, but this is an excellent opportunity to give something totally unique for the occasion. Custom graduation gifts don’t have to be expensive either!

So what options are available for the perfect graduation gift? Take a look at some of these top gift ideas to give something they’ll treasure for years to come.

1. Graduation t-shirt blanket

A t-shirt blanket is a fantastic idea for a graduation gift. It is the ultimate personalized present and is made from a lot of shirts unique to the graduate. For this occasion, there are lots of top shirt designs to incorporate, such as old sports shirts and club uniforms. These items make the blanket personal to the graduate and are something they can keep for years to come. A t-shirt blanket can also be added to throughout their education. So once they’ve graduated high school, the next step is college and so forth. At each stage, more T-shirts and memories can be added to the design. All you need is some old T-shirts and a sewing machine to get started.

2. Keepsake box

Throughout school life, people collect a variety of items and souvenirs. Once they graduate, there’s not a lot of space for these small items, but for the most treasured, a keepsake box is a great gift. This gift idea is ideal for anyone moving onto college as they can take these items with them and store them in a safe place. Plus, they can add to the box with more memories as time goes on. Keepsake boxes are easy to personalize too. There are many graduation keepsake boxes available online. Still, you can also purchase a blank box and customize the design, especially to their tastes. This personalization offers a unique touch to the gift and makes it even more special.

3. Photo book

There’s nothing better than looking through old photos and reminiscing about the good times. Whether you are buying for a high school or college graduate, they will have tons of pictures celebrating each stage of their lives. To capture these memories, giving the gift of a photo book is a fantastic idea. Photo books come in different sizes, too, so you can create a small book so they can take it easily to college or with them on other adventures.

4. Custom prints

Custom art prints are a perfect gift idea for everyone. There are many designs to choose from, including motivational quotes, custom map prints, and family-inspired illustrations. This is a great idea for high school graduates moving up to college, as they can take this print into their new dorm room. One of the best souvenirs for college graduates is having a reminder of the location. A map print is a great way to remind them of the good ol’ days back in their college city.

5. Custom felt pennant

Pennants are iconic for any high school or college graduate. This memento has the colors and name of the college emblazoned on it and is a great way to display their love for the place they used to call home. If you can’t get hold of an authentic pennant, there are lots of handmade options on platforms such as Etsy. You can choose to tailor the banner, including letters and edging, so it matches their college colors. You can even choose to customize it with different colors, so it matches their home décor. Whichever you choose, this is a great way to offer special memories of those years.

6. Graduation party box

For graduates that are some distance from you, why not send them a personalized party box to celebrate. Graduation ceremonies might look a little different at the moment, so this is a great way to not miss out on the party. There are plenty of customizable options available online, and you can choose what to include in the party box, depending on the graduate’s preferences. It can also be customized with the graduation year and name on the box.

7. Customized coordinates jewelry

Whether you’re buying for a high school graduate moving onto college or a college graduate moving on to grad school, a reminder of home is a great gift idea. The perfect way to capture this is with customized coordinates jewelry. These items are perfect for him or her as there are many jewelry options available, including necklaces, bracelets, and bangles. This small engraving will appear with the coordinates of home and is a little reminder when they are away.

8. Personalized football

This gift is ideal for any graduate that loved football. Personalized pigskin is a cool and unique idea that captures the essence of the sport they love alongside the memento of playing or watching it at high school or college. There are lots of options and designs online, and it makes the ideal graduation gift. Plus, you may even be able to find an authentic college football from their school days to give as a totally unique present.

9. Customized mug

A small and simple gift for graduates is a customized mug. This gift is a great little reminder of their graduation, even if it becomes a mantelpiece souvenir. There are tons of designs, including wording and illustrations, and of course, the traditional ‘World’s Best Graduate’ mugs!


There are lots of special and unique graduate gifts to choose from. Plus, personalizing your present will make this occasion one to remember for years to come. So why not check out these fantastic ideas to treat that special graduate this year.


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