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Since 1982

Our Story

The origins of My T-shirt Blanket began all the way back in 1982. However, the business model wasn’t initially based around making a blanket out of t-shirts. It was a more humble operation with a sewing factory in Massachusetts producing women’s clothing.

Due to increased overseas competition in the following years, it was no longer feasible to remain in the same market. As a result, we began to diversify and make different products.

These included children’s clothing, blankets, military items, medical devices, and more. This was done in a rather desperate manner to keep the workload up and our employees busy.

Then in 2012, we struck gold. We began creating t-shirt blankets.

Today we’re proud to be recognized as the foremost t-shirt blanket company in the United States. By purchasing a t-shirt blanket, our customers support fare labor jobs in the US, ensure the future of our Massachusetts-based company and support recycling by decreasing what ends up in our landfills. In return, they receive an unforgettable product packed full of memories and help preserve our environment.

The Promise to Our Customers

Since 2012, our philosophy has remained the same: to craft the finest t-shirt blankets in the industry. We developed a system that guarantees quality is never compromised. You’ll struggle to believe just how soft and cozy we can make a blanket made from t-shirts! Our skilled design team will also assemble your t-shirt images into a pleasing arrangement.

If you want to take a closer look at the work we do, simply browse our collection.

Our unparalleled approach to customer service also demonstrates we’re no ordinary t-shirt blanket maker. Do you have an inquiry prior to ordering? Perhaps you’re curious about the status of your t-shirt blanket? Maybe you want to contact us once you’ve received your product? Whatever the question, our experienced support team is ready to help.

We promise not to bombard you with unsolicited discount codes that may or may not work. Our sale prices are competitive, fair and are available to everyone whom visits our site. Our web site is clean and with no annoying pop-ups. Our products are all easy to find and all options are easy to find & select.

We do have a phone, (508) 617-4367 and our customers are able to talk to a LIVE PERSON during normal business hours.

Putting Your Dreams Together

Whether you want a t-shirt jersey blanket representing your favorite football team or a race t-shirt blanket that represents all the marathons you’ve completed, we have you covered. We meticulously stitch together your dreams into a beautiful blanket heirloom.

As for the process, this begins once we receive your shirt panels. You’ll be sent an email, so you know your tees are in safe hands with us, and we then get to work. Once complete, we ship your blanket to you in a water-resistant, eco-friendly bag. Have you ever done a Google search for ‘t-shirt blanket makers near me’ and been disappointed by the results? Don’t worry – we also provide free US shipping and insurance coverage. Plus, for that extra peace of mind, your order is fully trackable.

Our Mission

With every order, we make it our goal to produce a custom t-shirt blanket that delivers on quality and sentiment. We know the importance of our customer's t-shirts, so we take the utmost care transforming them into a blanket worth treasuring.

Our Team

With employees that have remained with us since our conception in 1982, it’s fair to say our team is very much a family. We’re proud of having a great workforce that brings together experience, skills, and compassion – the main attributes that have seen us become the best in our industry.