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Best Memorable Wedding Gifts

February 20, 2023 4 min read

Is your sister, best friend, or son getting married? Wow them on their wedding day by getting them one of these memorable gifts.


Weddings are a fun and uplifting celebration. It brings people together to laugh, cry, reminisce, and celebrate the love of a newly married couple. Not to mention all the great food and drink you get served while you’re there! The least you can do to show appreciation for such a fantastic day is to give the couple a gift they will cherish.

The question is, what should that gift be? Newly married couples often receive multiple gifts from their loved ones. In some cases, they end up with too many of one thing, such as bed sheets, toasters, and matching towel sets! If you want your gift to stand out from the crowd, you need to be more personal. So, whether it’s your best friend, sister, daughter, or mother-in-law getting hitched, here are some of the best memorable wedding gifts to make their day even more special.

A T-shirt Blanket

How do you surprise a happy couple on their wedding day? By gifting them something truly unique and memorable, of course, such as a t-shirt blanket. This high quality blanket does far more than keep the shoulders warm. It represents a person’s memories in the form of t-shirts they have worn over the years. Each t-shirt gets sewn together to create a large and beautiful blanket, with the t-shirt prints making up the design. They are sure to love it!

A Couples Experience

The newly married couple will likely receive many physical items, including home decor and appliances. If you want your gift to be a little more memorable, why not gift them an experience? Doing so will give the couple a chance to do something new after their wedding (other than their honeymoon!). There are plenty of great experiences you could give them as a wedding day present – you know the couple, so you can pick something they’ll both like! Here are a handful of ideas:

  • A Helicopter Ride
  • A Wine Tasting Event
  • A Spa Weekend
  • A Murder Mystery Event
  • An Escape Room
  • A Picnic Basket

If you want to get the couple something nice for their home but still want to be a little different, consider getting them a picnic basket. If the couple loves the outdoors, it’s the kind of gift that won’t just sit there and collect dust; instead, they will fill it with cheese, fruit, and lemonade to take with them on a lovely summer’s walk. Plus, you can even get personalized picnic baskets to make it even more memorable.

A Personalized Print

Artwork always makes a great wedding gift, especially if the couple has asked for home décor presents on their wedding day. Making it a personalized art print makes it even more special, especially if the image represents their love. You can get an art print of the place they got married. Or, you could get a print of the night sky of the day they got married!

A Subscription Box

Gifting a subscription box isn’t just memorable because it’s a unique gift idea – it’s also memorable because it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Get the couple a year subscription box of something they love, and they’ll be reminded of your generosity monthly. You know the couple best; maybe they’ll want to receive a crate of wine every month. Or, perhaps the couple loves cheese and would enjoy receiving new and exciting cheeses on their doorstep!

A High-quality Suitcase

Many wedding gift ideas include items for the home. However, a high-quality suitcase is a little different, as it’s a gift that encourages the couple to get out and away from home! They likely already have a honeymoon lined up, but a suitcase gift will inspire them to book more trips as a couple. Just make sure the suitcase is high-quality so that it will last many years (and keep their luggage safe).

A Coffee Machine

While a coffee machine isn’t one of the most unique wedding gifts, this traditional gift will still be received with a huge smile. Plus, they’ll remember you every time they brew that perfect cup of coffee each morning! Every household deserves a good coffee machine, and you will give them something they use repeatedly.

A (Nearly) Empty Photo Album

Why not give them a photo album for a perfect personalized wedding gift? You could personalize it further by having their initials on the front.

Begin the album for them by placing your favorite photo of the pair, and then leave the rest empty. It’s a gift that says “new beginnings,” as they’ll have a lifetime to fill the empty pages with happy memories.

A Couples Board Game

Does the happy couple love to play games? If so, give them a reason to bond by gifting them a couples board game – the type they can play on a weekend evening when they don’t feel like leaving their warm and cozy abode. Luckily, there are plenty of great board games to choose from, including classic and new board games specifically designed for loving couples. Here are some ideas:

  • Fog of Love
  • Codenames Duet
  • Scrabble
  • Disney Villainous
  • Hive

A Personalized Bottle of Champagne

A wedding is a chance for the couple, along with their family and friends, to celebrate love. Nothing says “celebration” more than a bottle of champagne, so get the happy couple their very own personalized bottle for their wedding day! Once they’re home and the dust has settled, they’ll be more than happy to know they’ve got a bottle tucked away from you. Plus, with the personalized bottle, they will likely keep it as a keepsake long after the final glass has been poured.

Wedding gifts don’t have to be boring – and nor should they be! So, unless the happy couple has specifically requested hand towels or a toaster, it’s always more fun to be personal with your wedding gift, giving them something they will hang onto forever.

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