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Choosing the Baby Clothes for Your Memory Quilt

December 15, 2023 4 min read

Many parents struggle to say goodbye to their child’s clothing, as there is likely much sentimental attachment to the garments. Rather than placing them in storage boxes in a dusty attic or basement, you could turn the much-loved clothes into a beautiful memory quilt.

As you will want to create a design that looks beautiful and triggers a sense of nostalgia, you must pick wisely when selecting items your child has outgrown. If you are unsure what to add, read the following tips for choosing baby clothes for a memory quilt.

Set Aside Items You Want to Keep Whole

When searching through sentimental clothing for a baby blanket, you would be wise to set aside items you want to keep whole. For example, you might want to keep a stunning top to pass down to a younger child or baby in the family. Also, you might want to keep a small outfit to remember how small your son or daughter was when they were born. You can then place the baby clothing keepsake items into a memory box and turn other tops and garments into a gorgeous blanket.

Choose the Fabrics Wisely

Some types of materials are better suited to a baby memory blanket than others. For example, it is wise to avoid shiny or slippery fabrics, such as treated rain macs, leather, PVC, and rubber. Also, choose a mid-weight fabric over lightweight materials like tulle or netting or heavy clothing, such as denim or wool coats.

Pay close attention to the clothing materials, as they will determine how warm and comfortable a blanket will feel on a chilly day or night.

The best materials for a baby and t-shirt blanket include:

  • Wool – a great option for keeping warm during winter
  • Cotton – soft and breathable throughout the seasons and hypoallergenic
  • Polyester – more resistant to spills
  • Fleece – cozy, warm, and easy to clean
  • Cashmere – soft, luxurious, and insulating

Pick the Perfect Blanket Size

The blanket size you choose will likely be determined by the amount of clothes you have and the recipient. For example, you could present your son or daughter with a blanket made from clothing they wore as a baby, which they will likely cherish throughout the decades. Therefore, you may want to create a small blanket a child can snuggle under when cold, or you might want to create a larger design that will grow with them as the years pass by.

Carefully consider the panel size to determine the best blanket for your needs. For example, you can choose from the following panels from My T-Shirt Blanket:

  • XS – 16 panels
  • Small – 24 panels
  • Medium – 30 panels
  • Large – 49 panels
  • XL – 64 panels

Also, a double-sided design is available if you have lots of baby clothing items attached to many memories.

Turn a Few Items into T-Shirt Pillows

A handful of sentimental baby clothes might not be enough to create a memory blanket, but you could turn them into one or more adorable t-shirt pillows. It is a great option if you are only emotionally attached to a few items in a memory box, and it will provide a personal touch to your bed, armchair, or sofa. Each pillow cover will feature two panels, one on the front and one on the back, and you can easily remove it from a pillow to freshen and clean the nostalgic design.

Select Pieces with Sentimental Value

Only select pieces with much sentimental value for a beautiful memory blanket. If few memories are attached to a clothing item, it might lack the nostalgic appearance you are looking for. Choose clothes that will trigger many wonderful memories, such as their first baby onesie, a daycare jumper, or their first birthday outfit. If in doubt, browse through old photographs to trigger memories – and you could even include the snap on one of the panels for an extra fee and a more personal touch.

Prep the Baby Clothing in Advance

Once you have selected the best clothes for a memory blanket, it is time to prepare the items before sending them off to us here at My T-Shirt Blanket. For instance, you might want to wash and dry your baby clothing to banish stains before we make a blanket, ensuring it looks and smells clean and fresh.

However, you may want to preserve the stains, as they form a part of your much-loved family memories. Include a message if you are happy for the marks to appear in the patchwork pieces, as they might remind you of a fun moment with your little one.

Create the Perfect Memory Blanket Design

At My T-Shirt Blanket, we provide a design-it-yourself (DYO) option to allow our customers to create the perfect layout for their treasured baby clothing. All you need to do is snap a clear photograph of your desired layout for a memory blanket and place the image in the package with your order confirmation.

The DYO option could help you make an informed choice about the baby clothing, such as the colors, materials, and designs you want to include. It will help you create a stunning design you will adore for many years to come. Also, you can choose from various fleece colors to complement the clothes close to your heart. If this sounds perfect for your needs, don’t forget to select the DYO option and pick a matching fleece color when ordering a memory blanket.


Handing over your much-loved children’s clothing to a business may feel scary, but you can trust we will take great care of each item you send to us here at My T-Shirt Blanket. We understand each item will embody many wonderful memories, which is why we will deliver a high-quality blanket you will be happy to wrap around you on a chilly day.

Plus, we have many sizes to choose from to suit your cherished clothes and provide plenty of options to customize your blanket, such as various fleece colors, a DYO option, a photo square option, and embroidery.

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