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Get Them a Nostalgic Gift this Christmas

December 23, 2021 4 min read

Want to treat someone special this Christmas but unsure on what to get them? Give the gift of nostalgia with a unique and personalized t-shirt blanket.


The holiday season is here, and it’s time to start thinking about what Christmas gifts to give this year. Of course, there are the standard presents that loved ones are happy to receive, but what about something a little different this Christmas – the gift of nostalgia.

What is nostalgia?


Ever get those warm fuzzy feelings when you think back to a memory or time in your life – that’s nostalgia working its magic. This feeling is one that can’t be bought with traditional gifts but instead with something personal and special to the receiver. It’s also the perfect way to show how much you care on Christmas Day.

The benefits of a nostalgic Christmas gift


The emotions that thoughtful gifts stir up often come out in happiness and a feeling of connection with others. These gifts also present a way to look back on the past with fondness. Plus, they give the receiver a keepsake that reminds them of a moment in time or a person.


While looking back brings happy thoughts, it also impacts future mindset and outlook. These types of Christmas gifts also work well for young people. For example, if a student were going back to college, it would remind them of returning home. It also provides a comfort blanket of loved ones and familiarity to help them blossom.

What is the perfect nostalgic Christmas gift?


The perfect Christmas gift is unique to you and the receiver. However, to make it truly special, it has to be unique and something that brings all those beautiful memories to the surface.


A great place to start is personalizing the present. The beauty of this Christmas gift is that it doesn’t need to cost a fortune to make someone’s day. Handmade gifts are a top choice, although it needs to represent something that incorporates nostalgia. Some top gifts to create this include:

T-shirt blanket gifts


A t-shirt blanket is a great way to capture many memories in one gift. Collecting their favorite t-shirts and sewing them altogether offers a unique way to harness everything they love. Plus, they can take it anywhere with them.


A great example of this is a college blanket. This incorporates various moments throughout college life, including sports clubs and extracurricular teams. It’s ideal for presenting the receiver with fond memories of their education and how it helped them flourish in later years.

Photo gifts


They say a picture says a thousand words. So what better way than to show how much you care than by gifting a particular photograph of fond memories on December 25th. There are so many products that can incorporate this image. Popular Christmas gifts include mugs, photo books, framed canvas, and t-shirts.


Photos are an ideal source of nostalgia as they help us recall moments in time and enjoy great memories. In the age of social media and digital photos, it’s also lovely to have something tangible to put on the shelf to look back at.

Buying new vs. handmade gifts


The beauty of nostalgic gifts is that they traditionally come from a memory, but that doesn’t mean they have to be handmade. A range of gifts are available that spark emotion from retro sweets, music records, and toys from a bygone era.


However, handmade gifts are a top way to give the perfect gift, but again you don’t have to make it yourself, especially if you’re not very crafty. A great alternative is to get a professional to create it for you.


A great example is a t-shirt quilt or blanket. At, we do all the hard work for you. It’s a simple process – just select the t-shirts you want for your blanket and purchase them on-site. Then prepare the t-shirts and ship them to us, and voila, a perfect t-shirt blanket personal to you.


Whether you want a blanket with your favorite sports teams or want to make one out of retro tees, the choice is yours. It’s a great nostalgic piece that will be treasured for years to come.

Making traditions for the Christmas season


Does your family have any Christmas traditions? Perhaps you open one present on Christmas Eve or always have a personalized advent calendar from your parents. Whether you have traditions or not, it’s a great time to start making them.


Every year presents a new opportunity to do something a little different from the norm. Making traditions means everyone has something to look forward to and to look back at. You could make this time a part of the gift-giving and celebration too.


For example, if you have a t-shirt blanket gifted from a previous year, why not add to it every year. You can also rope in the help of family members to make it a social activity.

Nostalgic gifts for all ages


The beauty of giving a nostalgic gift is that there is no age limit. Both kids and adults love reminiscing. Plus, it provides a keepsake for the future.


Christmas offers the ideal opportunity to start some traditions with personalized gifts for younger children. For example, a present such as a t-shirt blanket can be added to over time and is something they can take with them throughout childhood. This little tradition is also perfect for adults who want to share it with family. 

Keeping the memories alive


Christmas is a time for spending quality moments with family and friends and sharing how much you care. Giving a nostalgic gift offers a chance to keep those memories alive for future generations.

What will Santa put under the tree this year?


If Santa Claus could bring you one perfect gift this year, what would it be? For us, the gift of nostalgia is high up with those magical souvenirs, and it’s ideal for everyone, no matter age or gender.


Why not explore the selection of gifts available or get creative with a personalized present to share a unique and memorable experience this Christmas.


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