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How Big Should Your T-Shirt Blanket Be?

August 19, 2021 4 min read

Ready to make a t-shirt blanket? Find out how big your customized t-shirt blanket should be and how many t-shirts you need to make the perfect blanket.

Are you trying to decide what size your t-shirt blankets should be?

If yes, you have come to the right place.

Whether you are planning to purchase a personalized t-shirt blanket online or looking to make your own, one of the most important aspects you need to consider is how big your blanket should be.

Within the below blog, you will find out what determines the size of a t-shirt blanket, plus what methods you can use to discover what size you want.

What determines the final size of a t-shirt blanket?

There are three main factors that impact the size of a t-shirt blanket, and these are as follows:

1.   The number of t-shirts you have

One of the most influential aspects that will determine the size of your t-shirt blanket is the number of t-shirts that you have to create it with. It doesn’t matter if you are sending your chosen t-shirts off to a t-shirt blanket making company or you are going to try and make your blanket yourself, the more t-shirts you have, the bigger your blanket can be.

So, as you try and determine what size blanket you want to create, make sure that you keep in mind what you put into your blanket directly impacts its size.

For example, if you only have ten t-shirts to hand, don’t expect to be able to make a full-size blanket that will cover your entire bed.

2.   The graphics on the t-shirts

If you have large graphics on both the front and back of your chosen t-shirts, you can expect to be able to make a larger blanket than if you just have a small logo on each one. This is particularly the case if you want the graphics to be the main focus of your blanket.

If you are looking to create a rock concert t-shirt blanket, you should be able to create one that is a decent size, as these types of t-shirts tend to have large graphics. However, if you are looking to make a t-shirt blanket out of a selection of polo shirts that only feature a small logo or picture, you will need a lot more of them to make a blanket of the same size.

3.   Whether you want a border

A border is often used to make a blanket bigger, so if you do not have enough t-shirts to make a t-shirt blanket in the size you want, this can be a highly effective tool. A two-inch border can be used to make your blanket 4 inches wider and 4 inches longer. At the same time, a 12-inch border will make your blanket a massive 24 inches wider and 24 inches longer.

How to decide how big a t-shirt blanket you need

If you are not sure what size t-shirt blanket you need, either for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, the below should help you to decide:

The size your t-shirts will make

If you have a specific idea of what t-shirts you want to include in your t-shirt blanket and don’t want to add a border, then the size will be completely dependent on how many t-shirts you have and the size of your graphics. Just decide what panel size best fits your graphics and multiply that time the shirt panels you have for length and width.

The size of your favorite blanket

If you have a favorite blanket that you use all the time, you may want to think about making a t-shirt blanket in this exact size. For example, if you want a t-shirt blanket to snuggle in when your relaxing on the couch, measure the blanket you currently use when chilling in this area of your home. The same goes for bed if you’d like this option measure your current cover and target that measurement.

The size of the wall

If you want to create a t-shirt blanket that will hang on the wall for all to see, then you should measure the length and width of the wall to help determine the size blanket you need.

The size of your mattress

For those that want to decorate their bed with a t-shirt blanket, you should measure your bed to find the perfect fit. Bear in mind that mattress thicknesses vary, as do box springs, bed frames, and the distance the top of the mattress is off the ground.

Your height

A person that is only 5”4 is not going to need a blanket as big as someone who is 6”2, so you should consider your height or the height of the person you are buying for when creating a t-shirt blanket. You also need to consider how you are going to use the blanket. For example, do you like your blankets pulled right up to your chin, or do you just use them to cover the body half of your body?

Blanket types and average number of t-shirts needed

If you are unsure about the number of t-shirts you need to create your ideal t-shirt blanket, the below guide should be able to help you.

Blanket Type                 Blanket Size        Number of panels needed for a single sided blanket                       

Lap/throw                        46” x 46”                            16

Twin                                 46” x 68”                             24

Dorm Twin                       46” x 79”                             28

Full                                   57” x 68”                             30

Queen                              79” x 79”                             49

King                                  90” x 90”                             64

The above is a rough guide only as the exact number of t-shirts needed will be dependent on their overall design and how much of the t-shirt you can utilize.

Here at, we make t-shirt blankets in a wide variety of different sizes, including throw, twin, dorm, queen, king, with 8” panels, 12” panels, 14” panels and 16” panels. If you need any help working out how many t-shirts you need to send us to make a specific size, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team here or visit the FAQs section of our website.



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