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How to Make Plain Curtains More Interesting

October 26, 2022 4 min read

You don’t need to throw your plain curtains away. Instead, use these great ideas to make turn your old curtains into something fabulous.


Interesting curtains make a bold statement. They add life, character and charm to whatever room they are in, all while keeping the space warm during the evenings. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen as much if you have dull or plain white curtains. Instead of breathing life into the room, they let the surroundings down.

That doesn't mean that your plain curtains are of no use! With clever embellishments and a touch of creativity, you can make your curtains as beautiful as any other. Whether you want your curtains to be bright and eye-catching, soft and subtle, or completely personalized, you can do so from the comfort of your home. Even with the most basic equipment, you can make something magical.

 Here's how to make plain curtains more interesting.

Sew on an Embroidered Ribbon

One great idea for an exciting curtain decoration is an embroidered ribbon. You can find various ribbon designs in fabric shops, so choose one to match the space's aesthetic. Once you've found the ideal embroidered ribbon, you can sew it onto the curtain. This delicate and beautiful addition will add texture, color, and pattern, meaning even the plainest of curtains will look stunning!

Use Dye for More Interesting Colors

If you own a plain white curtain, you don't have to stick with the light colored shade. Instead of trying to work with its plainness, dye it a completely different color!

Before purchasing your perfect shade of pink, blue, or orange, be sure to check your curtain's fabric. Most paints or dyes work well on natural materials, but synthetic fabrics might not give the desired result.

Once you know your fabric works well with dye, make the dying part simple by doing it in a large tub (top tip: adding some vinegar or salt can create a more intense color!). Once complete, wash the curtain in the washing machine before hanging them to dry.

If you wish to make a more particular pattern with the dye, there are tons of great stencils to buy that will create a beautifully perfect design, or you might want to go for an intentionally chaotic, splattered look – in which case, be as messy as you'd like!

Combine Different Fabrics

One way to bring your curtain to life is by combining it with another one. The contrasting fabric pieces will allow each texture to shine, making your curtain far more interesting than before. Plus, combining the two can create a curtain that covers a larger window!

You will need either an iron-on adhesive or a sewing machine to combine two curtains. Of course, a sewing machine is preferable, especially if you're working with thick, heavy curtains.

Add a Sheer Curtain

If you want the benefit of privacy and sunlight, a sheer curtain placed under the main curtain will do the job. When you open the heavier curtains for the day, the light material will allow the sunlight to peep through without compromising your privacy. On top of that, the delicate material will give the room a pretty and gentle appearance.

Add Curtain Trim Tape

To make curtain panels more interesting, consider adding curtain trim tape. All you need is an iron, ruler, trim, iron-on tape, and, of course, the curtain itself. The ruler is especially important, as you want the trim tape to align perfectly with the panels! You could even add multiple trims down the vertical length of the curtain to create striped curtains.

Hot Glue Flowers

Do you like the idea of a colorful, blossoming look on your curtains? If so, you can hot glue fake flowers all over the curtain for a bold and beautiful look. However, if you'd prefer subtle look, try hot gluing the flowers only at the bottom. The result will be a stunning, eye-catching piece of home decor that you can proudly call home-made.

Attach Tieback Tassels

Tieback tassels hold the curtains back during the day. That's not all, though – they also add a decorative piece to the curtain, giving it a more elegant and interesting look. So, if your plain curtain does not yet have a tieback, add one that brings it to life. Tieback tassels in blue or gold are particularly charming!

Add Pom Poms

Another great way to make your curtains more attractive is by adding DIY pom pom trims. Place them on the side seams of the curtains and attach them with fabric adhesive for this simple but eye-catching look. The best part is that you can choose pom poms that are either bright and colorful or subtle and soft. The result is up to you!

Hang Fairy Lights

A simple way to make your curtains more interesting without investing in DIY is by hanging fairy lights. This effect works particularly well during the evening and nighttime. With delicate fairy lights hanging from the curtains, you add a soft, gentle glow to the area, bringing even the plainest colors to life.

Paint Beaded Curtains

Are you looking to improve beaded curtains rather than fabric ones? If so, there's a simple way to do so – painting! Painting bead curtains is a simple but effective way to make them shine, whether they hang in your living room, kitchen, or dining area.

Make Your Own!

Have you ever thought about making your own curtains? It's not as hard as you may think! If you have sewing equipment and a piece of fabric, you are ready to go.

The best part about creating your own curtains is that you can make them as unique and personalized as you wish. Blend your favorite colors, choose the perfect fabrics, and add pretty embellishments to make the curtains truly your own.

If you like the idea of personalized curtains without making them from scratch, you could also buy a t-shirt blanket for curtains. A t- shirt blanket is made up of all your old t-shirts, creating a beautiful piece of home décor that is unique and precious to you.

They are especially great for kids. If you have a bunch of t-shirts that your kid has grown out of, don't throw them away. Instead, use them for a personalized curtain to hang in their bedroom. Your little one will love it!

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