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How to Reuse Old NASCAR T-Shirts

December 27, 2022 4 min read

Are you or a loved one a big NASCAR fan? Do you have a box full of old NASCAR t-shirts you no longer wear? Before you take these tees to goodwill or throw them in the trash, make sure you read this guide on how to reuse these garments!

There are various reasons why your old NASCAR t-shirts could be taking up space in your closet. You may have outgrown your vintage Dale Earnhardt t-shirt, or perhaps your shirts have gone beyond the point of being in good enough condition to wear in public. Or, as a hardcore fan, maybe you like to keep it fresh and only wear the latest NASCAR gear when it’s released.

Whatever the case, you have hit a crossroads. You no longer wear these t-shirts, but you’re also unsure what to do with them. You may also have a personal attachment to these tees, so it’s unlikely you want to give them away. So, what can you do with them, other than keep them in a box or the closet?

We’ll tell you – here are a few ideas on how to reuse old NASCAR t shirts!

T-shirt blanket

If you have built up quite the collection of NASCAR t-shirts, this is absolutely the best way to reuse them. Yes, we’re biased – but it’s true! A t-shirt blanket is a fantastic way to repurpose your old NASCAR garments.

A t-shirt blanket is excellent for preserving memories of your favorite sport. Each tee can have a special memory you reminisce when you look at it – but it’s not simply about the memories. When made professionally, a t-shirt blanket can be an attractive, eye-catching feature of any room. Imagine if you had a NASCAR-themed room – a NASCAR blanket would look pretty swell in it, right?

Another positive about transforming your old tees into a blanket is the practicality of it. You can get wrapped up nice and warm as you watch the races from the comfort of your couch. Heck, you could even show how much of a fan you are by going to a race with your unique NASCAR t-shirt blanket!

T-shirt bag

You know the importance of taking reusable bags when you do your grocery shopping. Well, instead of taking a standard tote bag, why not create a NASCAR t-shirt bag?

Admittedly, making a bag is when larger-sized tees come in handy. With that said, it’s still possible to create a functional, attractive bag, even if you are a small fit! Creating a t-shirt bag also isn’t as difficult as it might sound. No sewing is required, and the task can be done in as little as 10 minutes.

If you want to go with a creative and useful handmade approach to repurposing an old tee or two, don’t discount the potential – and effectiveness – of crafting a t-shirt bag.

Style them into headbands

Say you have an old NASCAR t-shirt. The print is still vibrant, and the fabric is still nice and soft. However, there’s just one problem: it’s sporting an unmissable hole right around the neckline. The result? It’s a tee you’re not willing to wear in public any longer.

Well, you may not want to wear it in its original form, but there’s no harm in transforming it into a makeshift headband. All it takes is a little snipping here and there with a pair of scissors, and you have a neat piece of fabric you can use as a headband. Bonus points if you manage to get the NASCAR logo or the face of Chase Elliott centered on your forehead!

This headband can be used in numerous different situations. You could even wear it at the gym to stop your sweaty hair from flopping around your face. Ideally, you’d wear it to a NASCAR race and receive a wave of plaudits for your ingenious creation.

Create a dog toy

Now you might not want to do this with a vintage NASCAR t-shirt that’s worth a pretty penny. However, if you have some tatty, less-than-vintage tees that are long past their best days, think about reusing them as a toy for your pets.

You could take the lazy option and simply hand them out to your pets. We’re sure dogs and cats will love to lay on these like a makeshift blanket – but to ensure your old tees go that bit further, it’s possible to turn them into durable dog toys.

Yes, it probably won’t take long for your old, repurposed NASCAR shirt to be ripped to shreds. Yet, at least it will provide some entertainment for you and your dog!

Home decorations

With a bit of creativity, you can give your old t-shirts a new lease on life by using them as home decorations. Now, this doesn’t mean simply sticking your garments to the wall. Unless they’re signed and framed, that’s not something you want to do. Instead, there are methods in which this can be done in a more unique, subtle way.

One method is to add a sprinkling of boho flair by using your tees to decorate your home’s light fixtures. Another approach is to use them as a support for your favorite hanging plants. For the latter option, simply cut long strips out of your tees, and these can be utilized to tie together your plants.

Go with the tie-dye approach

If you have some old tees with drab, washed-out colors, there’s no better way to bring their vibrancy back than via tie-dying. The process is also simple enough for you to get the entire family involved. Plus, there are tie dye kits available, so you don’t have to go out of your way to gather the necessary equipment.

Tie-dye can be bold – but it can also be surprisingly subtle. Either way, it’s a great option for bringing old t-shirts back to ‘wearable’ condition. Even if you’re not a fan of how the tie-dyed tees turn out, they can still be repurposed via one of the other aforementioned methods!

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