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Making a Memory Blanket from Baby Clothes

July 27, 2021 4 min read

Everyone who has a baby in the family, whether it’s your own newborn, your grandchild, or another family member, will always admit that babies grow far too fast! Before you know it, they have a pile of outgrown clothing they can no longer wear and have left their babywear behind.

So what can you then do with the clothing that can no longer be used? These clothes have a lot of memories, after all, of the baby’s first treasured years. Maybe some pieces, in particular, are special with significant sentimental value.

Creating a baby blanket from these clothing items is a great way to recycle old clothes and turn them into something you can still keep, use and display. T-shirt blankets from baby clothes also make for perfect sentimental gifts and the ideal keepsake in honor of a child that’s simply grown far too quickly!

What is a Baby Clothes Memory Blanket?

You may not have even considered that there could be another purpose for all your baby clothes and t-shirts once your little one had outgrown them, but there is a way to preserve them for as long as you need, and that’s with a baby clothes memory blanket. You can turn your old, favorite baby items which carry their own special memories, into a display item you can use, look at and touch on a daily basis.

A baby clothes memory blanket is a t-shirt blanket that is formed out of all your chosen baby clothing items. This could be plain clothing, patterned clothing, or t-shirts with their own message across the front. These can all be woven together to create one cohesive piece that brings together all your favorite baby items which you have fond memories of.

Why Choose a Memory Blanket from Baby Clothes?

Any aspect of your baby’s life is a treasured memory. Babies go through so many happy and changing experiences in those first few years, and choosing new clothing for them is an exciting time. Clothing can be a very important trigger for certain happy memories, such as what your baby was wearing the first time they walked, talked, or even brought home for the very first time.

Choosing a memory blanket is about preserving all of that. It’s about ensuring that no memory goes to waste and allows you to have one large piece of all the most special memories brought together.

You might even want to combine all your baby clothes if you have more than one child to bring everything together with all treasured family memories at once. You may even still have some of your own baby clothes that you’d love to combine with your own baby’s to turn it into the perfect shared blanket item.

What Can You Do with a Baby Clothes Memory Blanket?

There are many great uses that baby clothes memory blankets can have, either for your own home or as a gift for someone else.

You can create a baby clothes memory blanket for the purpose of using it as a blanket for your growing child, as an extra bed feature or blanket to keep them warm. You can use the baby clothes blanket for your own use on the couch or on your own bed to see your memories displayed whenever you need them.

Alternatively, baby clothes blankets make for the perfect wall hangings or even room dividers. They can easily be hung and placed wherever you need to ensure that your eye is always drawn to those treasured memories and so that you can look at them anytime you need.

Not only are baby blankets ideal for displaying your memories, but they’re also extremely practical. They’re perfect for making your bed warmer, for making your couch a little snugglier, or for using as a travel blanket.

Growing children might also love seeing their own memories from childhood. A grown child might love looking back at all the outfits they wore and key baby items they had all brought together in one perfect baby blanket. Maybe they’d even like to use it for their own children in years to come, making it an ideal keepsake gift to be passed down through generations!

What are Your Design Options for Your Baby Blankets?

If you want to create your perfect baby blanket, you may have your own layout in mind. We always offer a Design It Yourself option for your blanket, which means you can choose the placement of your chosen baby items.

You can customize even further by choosing your own fleece color or even a double-sided option if you have plenty of clothing and would like t-shirts to be displayed on both sides of your baby blanket.

You also have the choice of embroidery to add more of a personal touch. This can be the perfect option if you’re creating this blanket as a gift for a loved one. This embroidery is available for up to 30 lines, with 20 characters per line.

Why Choose Us?

We’re here to help you create something truly special and make sure that your old kid clothes are put to good use in a way you can practically use around the home or for the perfect gift. Our blankets can be made from baby, toddler, and small child clothing, which means more memories to treasure, and more pieces of clothing to choose from.

We understand how important memories are and how much care is needed with your chosen clothing items. That’s why we always offer a personalized service and create you the item you want and need. With our custom made t-shirt blanket for your baby clothing, we’re proud to be able to offer you a keepsake item of the highest quality.

With our varied design and personalization features, you’ll always get a blanket you’re truly happy with, ready to display all your baby clothing memories.


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