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Ultimate Custom Blanket Ideas for Teens

March 27, 2020 3 min read


There are few products available that give people the chance to become cozy with their memories. There are even fewer products that will actually please a teenager. Well, one exception to both those points is a custom blanket.

Using our own t-shirt blankets as the basis, here are a few ideas to keep in mind when devising a blanket for a teenager.

The Favorite Sports Team Blanket

Has your teenager been a die-hard fan of a particular sports team from a young age? If so, you have the chance to create one of the most popular themes when it comes to custom blankets for teens. In fact, sports team blankets are one of the top sellers regardless of age.

There are a few reasons why this is the case. Most importantly, they look cool. Secondly, older jerseys tend to be left behind in the wardrobe never to be seen again. There's also the point that you're stuck for life with your team of choice – no matter how terrible they are.

With these points in mind, dig through your teenager's clothes and grab their jerseys. If there aren't enough to make a full t-shirt blanket, it's likely you will have some to make up the numbers. After all, the parents are typically responsible for the teams their offspring support!

The Travel Blanket

If your young adventurer has already ventured far and wide in their short lives, it's likely they have accumulated an assortment of trinkets from the destinations they visited. In that regard, you'll want to be hopeful that souvenir t-shirts were top of their agenda – and not just the traditional "I Love NY" one.

Let's face it: travel t-shirts are wardrobe fillers. They feel like a great idea at the time, but teenagers soon realize that advertising their holiday from three years ago is hardly the most trendy fashion choice. This is why they make for great personalized blankets. People love to remember and reminisce about their travels, and a t-shirt blanket is one way of evoking memories in a unique manner.

The Concert Blanket

T-shirt blankets for teens don't come much cooler than one that's made from concert garments. Well, assuming your teenager has some musical taste where they didn't spend the last few years attending Kidz Bop shows!

One of the more difficult tasks will be convincing your teenager to handover their band tees. Yet if they do give them up, they can make for a vibrant and unique blanket. With our custom blankets, you have the chance to go with a double-sided t-shirt option – great for keeping the tour dates that are usually present on the back of concert tees.

The Random Blanket

A blanket doesn't have to follow a set theme. After all, it can be difficult compiling enough specific shirts when creating custom blankets for kids. Not only that, but their tastes quickly change at that age. They may have been wearing nothing but Adventure Time t-shirts at the age of ten, but that doesn't mean they're a fan of the show any longer in their teens – and that makes it a poor blanket theme.

An effective strategy is to go with a random blanket. By doing this, you can pick and choose from the old t-shirts they have accumulated over the years. It could even resemble a timeline of sorts, where it goes through their interests as they have grown older.

The Memory Blanket

In the same vein as the previous option, you could also create a memory blanket. Yet when we talk about a memory blanket, this can often have a much larger emotional attachment. For instance, if the teen has lost a loved one like a parent or sibling, their clothes can make for an impactful and cherished blanket.

Are you ready to start creating your own custom blanket? If so, visit our shop to learn more about the range of products we offer. Whether it is t-shirt blankets for kids or veterans, we take great pride in producing high-quality blankets that are unmatched by the competition. If you would like further information about what we do, don't hesitate to get in touch. Our experts are on-hand to help.


The Pride Blanket

We Support our LGBT Community 100 Percent.  Whether you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or non-binary, we can take your favorite shirts and create the perfect pride blanket for you.  Be proud of who you are!