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What’s the Difference Between a T-Shirt Quilt and a T-Shirt Blanket?

July 30, 2021 4 min read

Ordering t-shirt blankets and quilts for a loved one is a great option for keeping and using great memories. They can make the perfect birthday gift, your own personal keepsake, or something to display proudly in your home. You may even want a special collage item to show your children your own happy memories, like t-shirts from your college years or even t-shirts they wore when they were younger.

When you’re planning on creating your perfect finished product when it comes to memory quilts and memory blankets, you want to be sure that your item is functional and suited for purpose so that you can make the most of your treasured item and ensure you can use it in the way that you need.

That’s where the question of quilt vs. blanket comes into play, as both are very different. What does it all mean, and which is the right option for you?

What is a T-Shirt Blanket?

A blanket is usually one layer of fabric but in some case it might be two. In terms of a t-shirt blanket, this would be the fabric of your t-shirts and the fleece we provide used to create your desired blanket. A blanket is, therefore, a lightweight and slim option and a great one to easily display t-shirt designs and patterns.

The fabric method to create a blanket will usually be woven material. Weaving fabric is a common way to make many textiles items and involves combining a weft and warp to bring the fabric together, as opposed to other methods of bonding.

What Can a T-Shirt Blanket Be Used For?

A t-shirt blanket can be used for many different things due to its lightweight nature. A t-shirt blanket can be used to drape on your bed as an extra design piece. It could be used to hang on the back of your couch or use as an extra layer of comfort to wrap around you when you’re relaxing at home.

It can also be easily hung as a tapestry or wall feature due to it being thin and easy to hang. This could be the perfect opportunity to hang a collage of your college t-shirts or maybe create a baby blanket out of your baby’s old clothes.

What is a T-Shirt Quilt?

A quilt can be a lot thicker than a blanket. Quilting in itself is a method of bonding fabric together with a thicker strategy, as it involves at least three layers of fabric. Due to the increase in fabric used as opposed to double-layer blanket weaving, this gives a more cushioned effect.

In terms of a t-shirt quilt, this means using more fabric to create your finished t-shirt piece. This could mean backing your prized t-shirts with additional layers of fabric to make it bigger, softer, and thicker, creating a bulky item that might not suit certain people.

What Can a T-Shirt Quilt Be Used For?

Because a t-shirt quilt is thicker and heavier than a t-shirt blanket, it’s a decent option for using as a bed quilt to keep you warm during the colder months. It’s also perfect for extra warmth on the couch during winter.

Creating a quilt top design may not be ideal for wall hangings compared to a blanket due to the thicker and heavier design, making quilts far less decorative than a blanket.

The process of quilting can make for a very attractive bedspread design but this is usually done with a solid or print fabric not with your favorite t-shirts. The down side of quilting your t-shirts is you will see one color thread going through all your favorite t-shirt images. If you want a clear view of your images the quilting option might not be for you.

What Tops Can I Use for My Design?

T-shirts and tank tops are perfect for making a memorable blanket or quilt of your choice. Tank tops are great printed options and are as popular as t-shirts, so if you only have tank tops instead of traditional t-shirts, don’t worry, as these can be used too.

Even if you only have thin t-shirts, a quilt design or blanklet will still create a beautiful blanket.

Which Option Should I Choose?

Choosing between a t-shirt quilt and a t-shirt blanket depends on the thickness you desire and the purpose you’re intending. Both are great options in terms of displaying t-shirt prints, patterns, and happy memories. If you’re looking for something with complete flexibility of where you can place, wrap and hang, then t-shirt blankets are fantastic all-rounders to put where you choose or easily gift to your loved ones.

If you’re thinking of the more practical side of actually using your item for extra warmth in the way a bedspread or couch addition can be used, then a thicker t-shirt quilt might be the best option for you.

Or, if it’s a gift, think about whether your recipient would be more a fan of a thinner blanket or a thicker quilt.

You may also want to think about washing your blanket or quilt. Blankets may wash and dry a lot easier because they are thinner and take up a lot less room in your washing machine. Quilts, on the other hand, will take longer to dry due to more material and take up more space in your machine.

No matter which option you choose, your t-shirts will always be safe in the wash and maintain their design.

Create Your Perfect T-Shirt Quilt or T-Shirt Blanket Today

At My T-Shirt Blanket, you can find the perfect t-shirt blanket for you. We know how to create an awesome t-shirt blanket that is the design you need, in block size to get a square, even pattern to best display your chosen memories. Our finished product is always of high quality and 100% polyester so that you can always trust in a comfortable and durable blanket or quilt.

If you’re not overly skilled with a sewing machine, you may struggle to make your own customized blanket and may even risk ruining your t-shirts or tank tops. Avoid the risk and let us take care of it for you in being your chosen manufacturer.

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