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What to gift on baby’s first birthday?

September 05, 2022 4 min read

What do you buy a baby for their birthday?

It’s a tricky question, especially if you want to find a unique and thoughtful gift rather than a boring and generic one.

Fortunately, if you are looking for the best gift ideas for a baby’s first birthday, then you have come to the right place.

Whether you want to buy an innovative baby toy, a personalized keepsake, or something educational, if you are stuck on what to gift on baby’s first birthday, you are guaranteed to find the perfect gift below.

  1. A custom baby blanket

If you are looking for a baby gift that will delight the parents as much as it will the baby, then a custom baby blanket is a great choice.

Although shop-bought baby blankets can be a bit boring, there are so many ways that you can personalize this gift to make it more meaningful. For example, you could create a baby blanket from all the baby’s vests and other items of clothing from the first year of their life.

Alternatively, you could personalize a baby blanket with the baby’s name, birth date, and even photos from their first year.

  1. A shape sorter

If you would prefer to gift a more educational toy that will aid the baby’s development, then a shape sorter is a good option. One of the most popular baby toys on the market, this simple toy can help to improve the baby’s hand eye coordination and allow them to explore different shapes and bright colors.

You can find shape sorters in lots of different sizes and designs, even ones that are themed on the most popular kid’s TV shows and characters.

  1. Pull and push toys

Another popular baby toy that can help with their physical development and provide hours of fun, there are lots of different pull and push toys to choose from.

Pushing toys are great for building strength and improving coordination and often come with fun and engaging features such as music and moving pieces.

Pull toys, on the other hand, are designed for babies who are starting to learn to walk. Look for ones in bright and vibrant colors and with kinetic parts that come to life when in motion, as these are best for engaging with the baby.

  1. Musical toys

Most babies love musical toys as they naturally gravitate to anything that makes a noise. While a one-year-old baby is unlikely to be ready for a musical instrument such as a drum kit set or a keyboard, there are many baby-friendly musical toys for you to choose from.

Toys that create music are a better idea than ones that make noises on their own as these are more engaging for babies and are better at stimulating the areas of the brain that focus on language development and gross motor skills.

While their parents might not be a fan of repetitive songs, these are ideal for babies as it allows them to practice imitation and turn-taking.

  1. Arts and crafts

Arts and craft sets that are designed for babies have the ability to engage all the senses, which is what makes them so beneficial to this age group. Plus, what baby or toddler doesn’t like to get messy?

We love washable kids' paints which can provide hours of fun without causing any permanent damage to the soft furnishings or surfaces in their parent’s home.

Alternatively, modeling clay such as Play-Doh is always warmly received and can help the baby to practice their fine motor skills.

  1. A baby photoshoot

Another amazing keepsake gift for a baby’s first birthday, a baby photoshoot offers a lovely way to capture memories that will be treasured for many years to come.

You can choose from lots of different types of baby photoshoots, including normal ones and ones that are themed. Some of the most popular themes for a baby photoshoot include “let them eat cake,” “let them play ball,” “shoot for the moon,” and “a bundle of joy.”

You may also want to include siblings in the shoot if your budget allows.

  1. Building blocks

Stacking toys such as building blocks and Lego are another option that are great for a baby’s development. Not only do they help to improve their hand eye coordination, but they also encourage imaginative play.

Opt for blocks in a wide variety of different colors, shapes, and sizes, as this will help to improve their overall learning experience and help them with color and shape recognition.

  1. Soft toys

What baby doesn’t love a cuddly, soft toy? Ideal for providing comfort and a tactile experience, you can find soft toys for babies in pretty much every animal, character, and design you can think of.

For best results, look for a soft toy that is not too big, as this can be scary for some babies. Also, pick one that can be easily held in their hands, such as a toy that has arms and legs that can be grabbed with minimal effort.

You can also find soft toys that are designed to help your baby drift off to sleep more easily. These often play soothing music and may also feature low lights.

  1. A ball pit

If the parents in question have the space to accommodate a ball pit, either in their backyard or in their home, then a ball pit offers endless hours of fun. A real stand-out gift idea for a one-year-old, you can find ball pits in a wide range of different sizes and colors.

Look for a ball pit that is made from soft fabric that is designed to prevent bumps and bruises and that provides crush-free balls for enhanced longevity.

And there you have it – nine amazing baby’s first birthday gift ideas that promise to put a smile on their face. Happy shopping!  

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