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Baby Blanket

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Size Guide
  • XS 16 panel

  • S 24 panel

  • M 30 panel

  • L 49 panel

  • XL 64 panel

Choose Fleece Color
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We offer these blankets for baby, toddler and small child clothing items.  Our Baby Blankets are offered only with 8" panels and require at least 9" of material. 

We offer a choice of 6 fleece colors or if you do not prefer fleece on the back, we also offer a double sided option with t-shirts on both sides.

Please click or tap here if you would like t-shirts on both sides instead of fleece on the back.

Please click or tap here for larger children's clothing or adult clothing.

Size Guide

Baby Blanket 8" Panels only
Blanket Size 8" Panels fleece back
Extra Small (16 panel) 30" x 30"
Small (24 panel) 30" x 44"
Medium (30 panel) 37" x 44"
Large (49 panel) 52" x 52"
Extra Large (64 panel) 60" x 60"

Color Guide

  • Navy Navy
  • Gray Gray
  • Red Red
  • Black Black
  • Blue Blue
  • Pink Pink