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5 Reasons Why a Graduation T-Shirt Quilt Is the Best Way To Preserve Your Memories

April 19, 2024 4 min read

When searching for the perfect graduation gift or keepsake for yourself or a loved one, you want to choose something meaningful that the recipient (or you) can cherish forever. After all, graduating from college is a momentous occasion and marks the start of the rest of a person’s life as they navigate the working world and adulthood. This is a big change and can feel daunting, so it is likely that you will want to give a gift that brings comfort and joy while celebrating the big achievement. This is where a lovingly made t-shirt blanket comes in. Want to learn more? Keep reading!

What Is a Graduation T-Shirt Blanket?

A graduation t-shirt blanket or quilt is made out of squares of your old t-shirts. While at college, it is likely that you have built up quite a collection of t-shirts from various events and activities. Instead of leaving these items in a box to gather dust, a t-shirt blanket is an excellent way of bringing these all together in a single item. You can choose to display your blanket in a frame for all to see, use it to keep you cozy, or keep it in a safe place to cherish forever.

The wonderful thing about t-shirt blankets is that you can turn just about any t-shirt or shirt into one. You can find new uses for your sports, music, drama, or any other kind of club or team t-shirts you have collected during your time at college!

Top Reasons to Get a Graduation T-Shirt Quilt Made

Of course, you could choose to make a t-shirt blanket yourself. However, it is a big undertaking that might not give you the same flawless results as one that’s been professionally sewn by our specialist team. The My T-shirt Blanket team have been crafting memory quilts for many years, so you can rest assured you’ll get a blanket made to the highest standards. Here are the best reasons why you should turn your college memories into a quilt – either for yourself or to give as a gift.

  1. A Unique Way to Mark Achievements

College life is about more than just academic achievement. It’s also about the extra-curricular accomplishments the graduate had along the way. Whether it’s sports jerseys or t-shirts that you wear when taking part in choir, musical performances, clubs, fraternities, or sororities, it is unlikely that you’ll have the opportunity to wear them again after graduation. This is why turning them into a beautiful blanket is a fantastic way to honor all you’ve achieved at college.

  1. Preserves Your Memories of College Life Forever

A thoughtfully made t-shirt quilt is something that you or the recipient can keep forever. Instead of having your t-shirts and jerseys scattered all over the place or hidden in boxes, never to be seen again, transforming them into a blanket keeps your memories of college and graduation safe forever. T-shirt quilts are the perfect keepsake you can look back on and appreciate for decades to come – whether you decide to use it as a blanket, frame it, or keep it somewhere safe. The great thing about a blanket is that it is easily portable, so you can take it with you wherever life takes you, meaning you’ll always have your happy college memories close by.

  1. It’s Practical and Comforting

As well as being an extremely meaningful way to preserve your college memories after you graduate, a t-shirt blanket is also an incredibly practical and functional item. A t-shirt quilt offers the best of both worlds as it is sentimental and serves a useful purpose. You can use it to wrap around yourself to keep warm and cozy on cooler nights, giving you some much-needed comfort.

  1. They Reduce Waste

Repurposing old college t-shirts into a blanket is a great way to reduce waste. Upcycling and finding new uses for old items is much kinder to the planet than throwing them out or donating them to thrift or goodwill stores where others may not buy them, as your college shirts are personal to you. A t-shirt quilt is a fantastic way to breathe new life into your clothes by giving them a new purpose from which you’ll get greater joy and will last long after graduation.

  1. Allows You to Be Creative

The creative opportunities are endless when it comes to choosing which t-shirts you want to include in your blanket. You might want to split them by a theme, like sports or music, for example, by color, logo or motif, or mix up the sizes for a cool and quirky design. Ultimately, the freedom is all yours!

How Does the My T-shirt Blanket Process Work?

We’ve been making beautiful graduation blankets using your cherished t-shirts for many years, and our process couldn’t be simpler! Once you’ve decided that you want the My T-Shirt Blanket team to turn your shirts into a cozy quilt celebrating a graduation, the process is as simple as one, two, three.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose us:

  1. Pick the shirts you want to turn into a blanket and send them to us.
  2. We’ll check over your shirts to make sure they’ll work for the blanket size and style you’ve chosen.
  3. We’ll die-cut your shirts into square panels ready for sewing.
  4. We arrange the squares into the most appealing design.
  5. Next, we’ll sew the pattern together, adding a warm fleece backing for ultimate comfort.
  6. It’s quality check time.
  7. We’ll pop your blanket in the mail!

Keep Your Memories of College Safe Forever

As you or a loved one prepares for graduation, there is no better way to keep those special memories of college alive than with a carefully crafted t-shirt quilt. This is the perfect choice for a truly unique way of ensuring that your memories never fade and stay with you. As well as being reminiscent of all the good times, it is a practical choice that you can make use of throughout your life. Want to find out more about transforming your old t-shirts into a one-of-a-kind item? Contact us today!

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