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Turn Your Sports Memories into a Cozy Quilt

April 17, 2024 4 min read

Most avid sports fans are guilty of holding onto jerseys or t-shirts that are outdated, too small, or too big for them. As a result, they will likely take up much-needed space in a closet, drawer, or box, as they cannot bear to part from them.

Rather than hiding away your precious jerseys and clothing, consider turning them into a warm and eye-catching memory quilt to highlight your team spirit and keep you warm during a chilly day or night. Continue reading for some top tips for turning your sports memories into a cozy quilt.

Why Turn Your Sports Jerseys into a Quilt?

There are many reasons to turn your sports jerseys into a comfy t-shirt quilt. In addition to saving space in a closet or drawer, it will allow you to celebrate your love for a specific sport, team, or event or highlight your past sporting success.

For example, you could turn NFL, NBA, or MLB jerseys from the past into a cool blanket that highlights your dedication to your favorite team. Also, you could create a cool blanket from clothing you’ve worn on a field, court, or pitch. To give a blanket a more personal touch, you can customize it with photo panels or embroidery to honor an important sporting moment or date.

It is a great way to preserve your much-loved sports t-shirts and jerseys and provide them with a new lease of life. You can use it to warm up once temperatures drop or hang it on a wall for everyone to see in your bedroom, living room, or man cave.

The Sports Clothing You Can Use

You can turn various types of sports clothing into a high-quality quilt to preserve your memories and celebrate your favorite team or event. For instance, you can turn your sports t-shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, polyester tops, dri fits, button-front shirt or lycra tops into a quality quilt.

If you have a sports towel, V-neck, zipper, or sweater they may require extra work to transform it into a soft, warm quilt. Guaranteed, you will be happy to pull the blanket out during every big game.

How to Create a Sports Memory Quilt You’ll Love

There is no right or wrong way to create a sports quilt. Every clothing item you own is likely attached to specific memories or sporting moments you will hold close to your heart. For this reason, you can create any sports-themed t-shirt quilt you like. For example, you could design a Super Bowl-inspired blanket or handpick jerseys and t-shirts from your childhood and beyond to highlight your passion and loyalty to your favorite team.

How to Choose the Best Quilt Size

At My T-shirt Blanket, we provide our customers with a wide variety of sizes and options to help them create the perfect design. For instance, our classic t-shirt blanket is available as a throw (16 panel), twin (24 panel), college dorm twin (28 panel), full (30 panel), queen (49 panel), and king (64 panel). Therefore, it is easy to find a blanket size to complement the sports clothing gathering dust in your closet. Also, you can choose from different panel sizes, such as 12”, 14”,16” and 18”.

If you have more clothing than the above panels, you will be happy to learn we provide double-sided or colossal blankets with 18” panels to better suit your needs. You can even buy a double-sided colossal blanket if required.

Whatever option you choose, you can trust your sports memories are in safe hands, as every quilt is made to the highest possible standard. We use custom-built, high-tech production, and it will be carefully cut and sewn with a super-soft fleece, which is available in various colors to match your taste or maybe even your team, such as red, black, blue, gray, pink, and navy.

Turn One or Two Tees into a T-Shirt Pillow

If you only have one or two special sports jerseys hanging in your closet or sitting in a drawer, consider turning them into a T-shirt pillow instead of a high-quality quilt. It will allow you to showcase a much-loved top, and it is bound to grab people’s attention when they step into your living room, bedroom, or dining room.

It will prove you are a big sports fan while helping to personalize your interior. As a result, you will feel glad to be home each time you enter a room and excited to turn on the TV to watch a game.

How to Prepare and Ship Your Sports Clothing

Once you have placed an order for a t-shirt blanket or pillow, check your inbox to access your packing slip with detailed instructions. We can also offer a Hassle Free Shipping option where send you a pre-paid shipping label on a shipping bag to make shipping to our processing center that much easier.

Pack your chosen panels into the bag with a signed packing slip before dropping it at a carrier location. Only send the clothing needed for your chosen blanket size, and ensure the items are stored in an appropriate box.


We understand your sports clothing is important to you, which is why we will take the utmost care with the items when transforming them into a high-quality, cozy quilt. It is the reason why many people trust us with their much-loved tees, treasured baby clothing, and nostalgic tops.

It doesn’t matter if you are a basketball fan, passionate about football, or cannot get enough of soccer, baseball, or the Olympics; we can turn your cherished sports memories into a warm, soft, and attractive blanket you will want to drape over your bed, hang on your wall, or curl up in when watching the game during a cold day or night. We can even turn jerseys from your high school or college football days into an attention-grabbing blanket that will become a family heirloom.

If you are unsure how to create a memory quilt or need a little help picking the right size for you, don’t hesitate to email, call, or live chat with our helpful, friendly team.

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