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Benefits of a Fleece Lined T-shirt Blanket

June 15, 2021 4 min read

Almost everyone has at least one t-shirt hanging up in their closet that is close to their heart. It may remind them of a special time in their life, showcase their love for their favorite band or team, or make them feel closer to a loved one.

Rather than allowing your favorite old t-shirts or sweatshirts to gather dust, you can turn them into a fleece lined blanket. Keep reading on to learn about the benefits of a fleece lined t-shirt blanket.

Express Your Personality

If you have lots of shirts for your favorite band or movies hanging up in your closet or are unsure what to do with your vintage team jerseys or sweatshirts, turn them into a fleece-lined blanket. Rather than hiding them away, you can pull out your blanket on a chilly summer evening or a cold winter’s night. It is a fantastic way to embrace your passions and express your personality.

Hang It on Your Wall

If you believe your much-loved t-shirts shouldn’t be hidden away throughout the seasons, create fleece-lined t-shirt blankets that you can hang on your wall or turn into a room divider.

It can add a splash of color and personality to your interior, and it will grab your visitors’ attention when they step inside. Plus, you will also feel a sense of pride and joy each time you walk into the room, and the fleece lining can create a cozy atmosphere when used as a room divider.

The Perfect Camping Accessory

Few moments are more pleasurable than curling up by a campfire with a cozy blanket, surrounded by your friends and/or family. If you love a spot of camping, you could make the experience much more enjoyable with custom blankets.

If you cannot bear to part with your concert tees, retro t-shirts, or team jerseys, you can transform them into a fleece-lined blanket to create a perfect camping accessory. It is bound to become a talking point around the campfire, which will make the experience even more enjoyable.

Plus, the warm, cozy fleece lining will help you combat the cold on a chilly evening under the stars. It is one item you will not regret bringing along with you when camping throughout the seasons.

A Personalized Bedroom

Your bedroom is the one room within the home where you can celebrate your passions and showcase your memories. We are more than happy to create custom blankets that will match the size of your bed, as we can provide queen, full, king, twin, and dorm twin blankets, as well as throws. It will allow you to put your stamp on your bedroom and add a splash of softness and texture to your interior design.

Turn a Loved One’s Clothing into a Keepsake

It is natural to want to hold onto a loved one’s clothing after they have passed away. Yet, you might not like the thought of storing their t-shirts and sweaters in a box or hanging the items in a closet.

Turning their old t-shirts into a fleece-lined blanket could help you feel closer to your relative, friend, or pet. Also, it is a fantastic way to celebrate their life and personality, which is why it can make a fantastic keepsake you and your family will treasure forever. So, whenever you want to remember them, you can curl up on the sofa with the warm blanket to help the memories flood back to you.

Highlight Your Passion at a Music Festival

If you’re a music lover and collected lots of t-shirts from various concerts, intimate gigs, and festivals, express your passion with a custom made t-shirt blanket. You can wave it in the air when your favorite band is playing at your next concert or music festival, such as Coachella or Austin City Limits. Plus, it will keep you warm when listening to your favorite band or artist at an outdoor event.

A Personal Touch

At MyT-ShirtBlanket, we understand that your fleece-lined t-shirt blanket is unique to you or your recipient. For this reason, we allow our customers to customize their blankets with specific t-shirts, and our talented team can even embroider the back of the blanket to offer a personal touch or a thoughtful message. We can embroider a blanket with up to 3 lines, providing 20 characters per line.

Plus, you can pick a fleece color to match your preference or reflect a loved one’s personality. You can choose from:

  • Navy
  • Red
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Pink

So, our custom blankets can make fantastic gifts for yourself or a loved one. For example, they can make fantastic Valentine’s Day, graduation, or anniversary presents.

A High-Quality Blanket

As fleece-lined t-shirt blankets will have sentimental value, we promise to provide our customers with the highest quality. Every blanket we send to a customer will be soft, cozy, durable, and easy to care for throughout the years. Plus, you don’t need to worry about washing a blanket, as it won’t shrink.


As you can see, fleece-lined t-shirt blankets provide various benefits, from keeping you warm and snug on a chilly evening to turning a loved one’s old t-shirts into a cherished keepsake. Plus, we allow our customers to choose from various sizes, and they can personalize their blankets with embroidery and their desired fleece color.

Every blanket we create is made to the highest standard, as it is soft, breathable, and durable. We understand your t-shirts and sweatshirts are close to you or your loved one’s heart, which is why we will create a stunning custom blanket to treasure for many years to come.

So, if you want to combine your much-loved football jerseys, concert tees, or favorite sweaters into a blanket, don’t hesitate to order a classic t-shirt blanket from us here at MyT-ShirtBlanket. All you need to do is send in your t-shirts within 20 days of purchase, and you’ll receive your fleece-lined blanket within 3 to 4 weeks. Plus, we will ship it back to you free of charge. It’s the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.


Meta description:A fleece-lined t-shirt blanket provides various benefits, from keeping you warm on a chilly night outdoors to celebrating a loved one’s life.

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