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Create the Most Amazing T-Shirt Blanket for Your Next Music Festival

May 25, 2021 4 min read

Watching your favorite artist or band take to the stage can be an electrifying experience. As you can’t bottle the experience and take it home, you may have bought lots of t-shirts from various concerts and festivals to ensure you never forget one event.

Instead of storing them in boxes or hanging them in your closet, turn your much-loved t-shirts into a cool blanket, which you can use at an upcoming music event. Find out how why you should create the most amazing t-shirt blanket for your next music festival.

Showcase Your Passion

While some fans might attend a music festival for the experience, others will book tickets for the music. If the latter applies to you, a band t-shirt blanket can separate you from the festivalgoers who don’t care about a band or artist. Waving a concert t-shirt blanket in the air as a band or singer plays will allow you to express your passion and commitment to their music. It can make you feel more a part of the festival.

Use It as a Picnic Blanket

In addition to expressing your love and passion for music, you can use the concert t-shirt blanket as a handy picnic blanket. It will provide you and your friends with a comfortable spot to sit down at the event, so you can eat and drink in comfort as you watch bands and artists take to the stage.

Combat the Cold

While festivals like Coachella and the Austin City Limits Music, Festival are often held in the peak of spring and summer, that doesn’t mean you won’t experience a chill during the event. As the day turns into night, you might want to reach for a blanket to ensure the cold doesn’t ruin your experience.

By creating a blanket from your favorite music festival t-shirts, you can warm up your bones without any strange glances from other fans. Plus, a fleece-lined blanket will feel soft and warm against your skin when camping down for the night, so you’ll feel refreshed when you wake up for another exciting day of music.

Connect with Like-minded Minded Fans

If you have many music festival t-shirts hanging up in your closet, turning them into a high-quality blanket could create a cool keepsake. Plus, it is bound to impress like-minded fans at your next festival, and it could serve as a great conversation starter. For example, a fellow music fan might spot your Woodstock tee on your blanket and stop to discuss the iconic event with you. It could help you form friendships with fans who share the same passion and enthusiasm for music.

Create a Treasured Keepsake

The beauty of a concert t-shirt blanket is that it will remind you of various events in your life with each passing year. The t-shirts will not only represent the music festivals or gigs you’ve attended, but the blanket will serve as a reminder of a cold night you avoided at Lollapalooza or the friend it helped you connect with at Summerfest. It’s the gift to yourself that will keep on giving.

Turn It into a Wall Hanging or Room Divider

As your band t-shirt blanket will tell many stories, you will likely want to showcase it once a music festival has come to an end. Instead of placing it in the back of your closet once the event is over, you could hang it on your wall.

At MyT-ShirtBlanket, we can sew tabs onto a blanket to help you turn it into a wall hanging or a room divider. All you will need to do is buy hanging rods and hardware at your local craft or home improvement store. It will serve as a reminder of the event and past concerts each time you look at it and can help you personalize your property.

How to Design the Perfect Band T-shirt Blanket

At MyT-shirtBlanket, we can provide a variety of t-shirt blanket sizes to match your needs. Choose from the following options:

  • Throw (16 panel)
  • Twin (24 panel)
  • College dorm (28 panel)
  • Full (30 panel)
  • Queen (49 panel)
  • King (64 panel)

Also, you can choose from 12”, 14”, and 16” panel sizes to match your requirements.

If you opt for a fleece-lined band t-shirt blanket, you can choose from the following fleece colors:

  • Red
  • Navy
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Pink

The custom made t-shirt blanket will allow you to create a design that matches your personality or reflects your favorite band or artist’s style.

However, if you would like to avoid fleece when creating a blanket, you can choose a double-sided t-shirt blanket instead. Plus, you can design your own blanket layout to ensure it matches your preference.

Personalize Your Blanket

In addition to offering a size and design to match your needs, here at MyT-ShirtBlanket we can embroider your blanket. For example, you could customize it with your name and contact number, which can increase the likelihood of your much-loved t-shirt blanket being returned to you should you lose it. Alternatively, you could embroider it with your favorite song lyric to express your passion for a band or singer even further. Bear in mind, we can provide three embroidery lines, with 20 characters per line.


A band t-shirt blanket is the ultimate way to showcase your passion for music at an upcoming festival. Plus, it can help you combat the cold, keep you comfortable when relaxing with your friends at the event, and it could even result in you forming friendships with other music fans.

Also, you can personalize it to match your desired layout, size, and fleece color, and you can even turn it into a wall hanging or room divider once the festival is over. It will serve as a reminder of many unforgettable concerts and festivals throughout the years.

So, don’t allow your official band t-shirts to sit crumpled and dusty in your closet. Instead, turn them into a cool blanket you will treasure forever.


Meta description:If you have many band t-shirts hanging up in your closet, create the most amazing t-shirt blanket for your next music festival.

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