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Best Memorable Gifts to Get Your Family Members

April 23, 2022 4 min read

Whether you’re in search of a gift for Mother’s Day in May, an upcoming birthday, or to help them celebrate a life achievement, choosing the right gift for a family member can be incredibly difficult. This is especially true if your go-to gifts usually range from novelty socks to dollar bills stuffed inside a card. Although everyone has a use for socks, and cash is always handy, why not push the boat out and give them something they will truly appreciate? Here are a few of the best memorable gifts to get your family members this year.

Babysitting Service for Parents Who Need a Break

If your sibling is raising a toddler or your close cousin has just given birth to their firstborn, chances are they are in need of a helping pair of hands and a nice long nap. Taking care of young children 24/7 can be absolutely exhausting. So, if you have a family member who fits the bill, why not give them the gift of a babysitting service courtesy of yours truly? Offering yourself up as a babysitter is one of the most meaningful ideas for busy parents. However, if you don’t think you’re up to the job, you can still help them out by offering to pay for a child care service from a reputable organization instead.

Concert Tickets For Music Fans

If music runs through the blood of your family, spoil a lucky family member with a couple of concert tickets to their favorite band or musician. To make this gift extra memorable, disguise the tickets inside a poster, a CD, or a band t-shirt.

A Scrapbook for the Sentimental Types

Sentimental gifts are perfect for family members who love nothing better than to reminisce about old times and gush over good memories. If this sounds like one of your relatives, go the extra mile and create a scrapbook for them to fawn over. Collect nice photographs of you both, find old ticket stubs of events you have attended together, and get the people they love to write a cute message inside. This type of gift might take a bit more effort than a shop-bought alternative, but it is sure to bring a happy tear to their eye.

T-Shirt Blanket to Preserve Memories

Another perfect gift for the sentimental types is a t-shirt blanket. This type of gift is basically a collection of memories in one cozy blanket. The blanket can either be made up of your loved one’s t-shirts or t-shirts that you know have special meaning to your family member. For example, t-shirt blankets composed of baby clothes or clothes a family member has grown out of making sentimental keepsakes for milestone birthdays. This is the perfect present for people looking for meaningful gift ideas with a purpose. Your family member will love getting warm and snuggly with their special blanket.

Their Signature Scent

The gift of perfume or cologne is an oldie but a goodie, and you cannot go wrong with this one if you know your relative’s signature scent. Fragrances can be very expensive, and your family member will appreciate receiving a practical gift that they already know they love.

MasterClass Subscription For Those Who Love to Learn

If you have natural academics who love to learn in your family or you are related to someone with a very specific passion, you cannot go wrong with a  MasterClass subscription. MasterClass is an American online education platform where subscribers can access hundreds of pre-recorded video lessons about many different topics. All tutorials and lectures are led by experts in their respective fields, which allows students to learn from the best. The range of lectures and tutorials is truly diverse. Those with a love for movies can learn a thing or two about filmmaking from James Cameron, a critically acclaimed film director. Relatives with a penchant for composing music can gain insight into film scoring from Oscar-winner Hans Zimmer, and Michelin star chef Gordon Ramsay can help you recreate delicious dishes in your very own home.

Suspension Trainer to Add to their Home Gym

One of the best family gifts for people who love to work out is a suspension trainer. This type of gift can be used by the whole family to keep them healthy outside of the gym and can be easily added to their home fitness studio. Suspension trainer kits are fantastic for the whole body and can improve overall fitness. With a suspension training system, you can enhance various types of exercises, such as push-ups and hamstring curls. This nifty bit of equipment uses your own body weight as resistance by suspending the body with the included straps. Not to mention, it doesn’t take up much space, which makes it perfect for those living in compact homes.

The Gift of Experience

From the most advanced smartphone to the newest computer on the market, some relatives seem to own everything. You cannot compete when it comes to material possessions, but you can still give them something new and unique. The gift of experience is the perfect idea for people who have everything. All you need to do is tailor the experience to the preferences of your family member. For example, those who love to be pampered will enjoy a relaxing spa day, while thrill-seekers might prefer an adrenaline-fueled activity, such as bungee jumping. Gifting someone an experience can take some time and effort, but it is the type of gift that your family member will remember forever.

A Special Trip for Two

The great thing about taking someone away is the fact that you can be part of their gift too. Creating memories together with someone you love is priceless. With a special trip for two, you won’t just be giving someone a vacation. You will be giving them your time too. Those on a budget can simply plan a fun road trip together or a day trip to a place that has meaning for you both. People who have the cash to splash can go all out with an all-expenses-paid vacation abroad.

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