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Our Top 11 Birthday Gift Ideas

March 15, 2022 4 min read

It’s hard to come up with the perfect birthday present every year. No matter who you buy for, you must answer the same questions. What are their hobbies? What do they already own? How much should you spend?


To make gift-buying simpler, we have rounded up the top 11 birthday gift ideas for that someone special – here they are. 


1: A T-Shirt Blanket

The best presents are personal, and that is exactly what the t-shirt blanket is. Comprised of t-shirts you (or the receiver) already own, the t-shirt blanket is a collection of memories and comfort all in one. It gives you a reason to save all your old t-shirts! 


You could buy it for a kid who has grown out of their old shirts, or you could get it for someone with a large collection of t-shirts they do not know what to do with. Or, you could choose one of the baby blankets as a gift for a newborn. Either way, it’s sure to end up well received! 


2: A Birthday Constellation Map 

Another great personalized gift is a birthday constellation map. It is the perfect gift for those that love home décor, as the map looks stunning on any wall. Plus, it’s even more special, as every time they look at it, they can see exactly what the sky looked like the night of their birth. It takes interior design to the next level! 


3: A Hair Dryer Brush 

Got a friend who loves pampering themselves? Why not treat them to an awesome hair tool by gifting them a hair dryer brush? There are several kinds on the market, some cheaper than others, and all have different benefits. It’s a brilliant gift for someone with long hair, as it allows them to dry while styling. It will save them time while ensuring they always look fabulous. 


4: A Board Game 

If you have a friend who loves to play games and who has a competitive streak, why not give them a board game? This is one of the better gifting ideas if you plan on giving it to them right before a hangout, as you could play it together once they’ve opened it! There are tons of board games to choose from – it’s not just Monopoly or Scrabble – so have a look at the various games and choose the one you think your friend or family member will enjoy. 


5: A Cast Iron Pan 

Birthday gifts are always easier when you know the birthday person’s hobbies. If they love to cook, and you know they don’t own one yet, you could get them a cast iron pan. The cast iron pan quickly becomes a staple in any food-lovers kitchen, as you can use it to sauté, sear, pan-fry, boil, roast, and more. Plus, over time, it picks up the seasoning of the foods you cook with. 


6: A Perfume Subscription Box 

Looking for some more unique gifts? Look no further than a perfume subscription box. Perfect for the woman in your life, a perfume subscription box allows them to dabble in various scents, helping them choose their absolute favorites. Maybe next year they’ll tell you to buy a whole bottle of a sample they loved! 


The best part about gifting a subscription box is that they don’t just receive a gift on their birthday – they also receive one every month until the subscription runs out. Each time they receive the delivery, they will be reminded of your thoughtful present. 


7: A Candle Gift Box 

Candles are an easy go-to gift, and that’s usually OK because everyone loves them! Make the gift even more special by building a candle gift box. Mix and match different candle scents and sizes to create a box full of great smelling goodies. You could even throw a bath bomb or two in there for good measure. 


8: A Handmade Scrapbook 

Some of the most meaningful gifts are those that are made by hand. It might take you a little longer to complete them, but it’s more than worth it when you want to show someone how special they are. It truly puts the uncommon in uncommon goods! 


If the gift is for a child, you could fill it with all of their most precious memories up until that point, like their birth, their first trip to the park, and the time they got ice cream all over their new onesie. If it’s for a partner, you could document your relationship with all the best pictures and scraps of memories. 


9: A Kindle 

Whether you are getting a gift for an adult or a child, a Kindle is a great idea. It holds thousands of books – far more than most bookshelves can handle – making it perfect for an avid reader. If it’s for a kid, you might inspire a lifetime of reading! 


When gifting the Kindle, consider adding a voucher as a bonus so that they can get started on their eBook library collection.  

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