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Do it Yourself Baby Shower Gift Ideas

June 29, 2022 4 min read

Gift buying can be tricky at the best of times, but when you need to find a present for someone who, let’s face it, doesn’t have much feedback to offer on the matter, knowing how much to spend and what to look for gets much harder. Plus, baby gifts can be expensive, especially if you head straight to the store and buy into the latest craze.

If you’ve got a baby shower coming up, there’s no need to panic, as there are some wonderful DIY gift ideas to consider. A gift that you’ve personalized and taken the time to think about can offer a world of meaning; it’s a present that keeps on giving, a memory that the baby can hold onto for many years to come, offering real value.

Baby showers are incredibly special occasions, so they deserve to be met with some unique gifts. As such, here are some thoughtful ideas to help you find the perfect gift for a baby shower to remember.


1.    T-Shirt Blanket

This is a truly unique DIY gift idea that will have the other baby shower attendees thinking, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’

You may want to get a t-shirt blanket expertly made to ensure maximum quality and longevity. It’s essentially a blanket made from t-shirts, as the name might suggest, and it’s a beautiful way of transforming your once-loved t-shirts into the perfect sentimental and functional gift.

Say the mother of the baby was into a baseball team; you could get a t-shirt blanket made out of her favorite team’s jerseys! Alternatively, band tees work great for a t-shirt blanket, too, as do (ironically enough) old baby tees since they’re often nice and bright and have adorable illustrations on them.

It doesn’t have to be just t-shirts you go for either; if you have some pretty fabric scraps you want to use or any material that can be lovingly reimagined into a blanket with a sewing machine, you could choose that instead. Perhaps even some of your own childhood blankets could do the trick!


2.    Novelty Cake

What’s a party without cake? Why don’t you take the joy one step further and deliver on the laughs with a delicious novelty cake? You could go for a big bottle, a gargantuan pacifier, a kitten riding a unicorn, or any number of weird and wonderful ideas you can conjure up.

You could even think about putting together a diaper cake (a fake cake made by attaching diapers together) as it’s a good way of making a dull gift a lot more exciting. Diapers are expensive and essential, so it’s not a bad idea.

Not only is this worth it for a good laugh, but everyone gets a chance to enjoy it, and all it takes is a little bit of baking finesse on your part.

3.    Mommy Survival Kit

Baby showers can be fairly stress-inducing affairs for the mommy involved, representing a huge turning point in her life. This makes a mommy survival kit a pretty good gift, and they’re easy to put together too. You may want to include some basic essentials, like coffee, wet wipes, chocolate, lip balm, dry shampoo, and more chocolate.

This can be a superb practical gift that will likely come in handy once your mommy friend has her new baby, so it’s definitely a present worth keeping on your radar. It’s also worth considering adding some subscriptions to the survival kit, as they truly are a gift that keeps on giving. Sometimes, nothing beats watching a thousand hours of Netflix at the end of a long day, and as a new mommy, there will be plenty of long days.


4.    A Knitted Hat

A knitted baby hat is a true classic when it comes to baby shower gifts, and they’re surprisingly easy to make yourself. There are plenty of great how-to videos on YouTube that you can check out to improve your knitting skills, and the fact that you’re willing to handmake a present makes the act of giving a gift that little bit more special.

You could always push the boat out a little further and try and knit a whole outfit, socks, and scarf – if you’re feeling brave, of course.


5.    A Redeemable Voucher Booklet

You may want to think about writing up some homemade coupons for your mommy friend to redeem at some point in the future. These could include activities like ‘free babysitting for the evening,’ ‘a round of drinks,’ or ‘coffee date,’ depending on how adventurous you want to be.

This can give the new mother something nice to look forward to, which is important when her new baby starts to take over.


6.    Customized Mason Jar

A mason jar is a baby shower staple. You can fill it with all sorts of wonderful goodies, from candy to flowers and everything in between. You can even personalize it by getting the baby’s name (if they have one yet) engraved on the front to make it a customized gift.


7.    DIY Baby Mobile

Baby mobiles are delightful gifts for a baby shower, yet they can be pretty pricey to get from the store. Thankfully, you can make one yourself fairly easily, provided you use safe materials and your craft skills are up to the task. Again, you can check out YouTube for some guidance on how to do this.

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