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Gifts for College Football Fans

July 30, 2022 4 min read

If you happen to be on the lookout for the perfect college football-themed gift, this list should have you well and truly covered. There is plenty of choice out there, but it can be hard to know where to look if you want to opt for a present with more of a personal touch.

Hopefully, this quick guide should provide you with some inspiration for a gift fit for a football fan – and one that’s sure to be remembered.


1.    A T-Shirt Blanket

The t-shirt blanket is a wonderfully unique gift that captures the spirit of the recipient’s favorite team andupcycles their old clothes. All you need to do is send us over some old jerseys (or new ones!), and we’ll turn them into the coziest blanket imaginable – a perfect gift for the sports lover in your life. 

This gift is highly personal, and it would likely resonate well with anyone who has a passion for a specific team or even general fans of college football. College football fans tend to adore brandishing their team logo in any way they can, so why not give them an opportunity to incorporate a range of logos from jerseys across a range of seasons?

It’s not just an ornament to hang on the wall of a man cave or a dorm room either; a t-shirt blanket can act as a functional and comforting companion to anyone. It’s perfect for a cold game day or a night in front of the TV, so if you want to send a useful yet sentimental gift with a difference, it’s definitely worth keeping on your radar.


2.    A Football-Themed Grill Set

Tailgates, BBQs, and cookouts are favorites of many a passionate college football fan, and none of these events are complete without a good grill set – or better still, a themed grill set.

Many teams have their own official grill sets available, complete with the corresponding colors and logos, so it’s worth having a look to see if you can get your hands on one. You never know when a grill set might come in handy!


3.    The NCAA Football Game

If you’re buying a gift for a gamer who also happens to be a sports fan, you could always think about getting them the upcoming NCAA football game. In fact, it was announced by EA in 2021, and the release date appears to be summer 2023.

Of course, this date isn’t for a while yet, but it’s worth keeping your eye on; football fans loved the original run of games. Until then, you could always think about finding an old copy of NCAA Football 14 – it’s an oldie, but a goldie, and an active online community releases fairly regular mods for it.

4.    Tickets to Games

Game tickets can be a great football fan gift since they represent an experience as opposed to a strictly material item. Plus, if you’re a football fan yourself, you could attend the game with your friend and make a whole day out of it in the process!

For the true sports fan, nothing is quite the same as seeing a game live, taking in the atmosphere, cheering on the players, and relishing the joys of the day that surrounds the event.


5.    Football Coasters

It’s entirely possible to never think about coasters in your life until you desperately need one. They’re one of those items that suit a gift perfectly, as they’re completely non-intrusive, yet they perform an incredibly useful function simply by sitting around.

In particular, a football-themed coaster is a great addition to the spread on game day, especially ones with famous plays from your favorite teams. Perfect for protecting the good furniture from those pesky beer bottle rings, football coasters will no doubt be a nice touch for your favorite college football fanatic.


6.    Football-Shaped Soap

If you’re buying for your children and they happen to be in that phase of never entering the shower, football-shaped soap may be a good way to encourage them. It’s somewhat a novelty gift, but one that can be taken as a good laugh – and thankfully, it doesn’t smell like game day.


7.    A Branded Picnic Caddy

Picnic caddies are very handy indeed, and for a football fan who likes to make a day out of every game, a version brandishing their team logo could be the best way to go. These are ideal for carrying the game day essentials, like beer and hot dogs, to the perfect perching spot.


8.    Memorabilia

For the dedicated fans, not much beats memorabilia in terms of a good gift. It can be wildly expensive for the rarer official items, like signed jerseys, but if you plan on paying a bit extra for a special gift, it’s worth considering.

Secondhand marketplaces like eBay can be a great place for finding football memorabilia, provided you can be assured that the item is authentic. Still, it’s probably worth checking out a dedicated memorabilia website (of which there are many) or a brick-and-mortar store, just to be on the safe side.

Overall, any signed memorabilia will probably go down a storm with your favorite college football fan – and there are also commemorative plaques and trophies available to buy as well, which are a bit fancier if your friend prefers life’s finer things.


9.    A Football Jersey

Nothing truly says ‘I’m a football fan’ like a custom jersey. It’s the staple of fan attire, and no self-professed football fanatic should be without one – but if they are, you can swoop into action and net them a gift they’ll love. Remember, it’s always important to go for the official jersey, as imitations don’t do a good job of representing support for the team.

You could opt to get your friend’s nickname or the pet name you have for them printed on the back, or you might want to go for the name of their favorite player. Whatever you decide to do, the jersey is a classic, and it’s a gift that’s pretty much guaranteed to be received with wide smiles and thanks.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve now got some new gift ideas to think about. Naturally, everyone knows that gifting can be stressful, but when you’ve got a few suggestions to get the ball rolling, it gets much easier.

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