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How Recycling Clothes Reduces Your Environmental Impact

March 15, 2022 4 min read

When you’ve outgrown your old clothes, you might wonder, what should I do with them? Throwing them in the trash is, of course, an option, but recycling them is much better for the environment. Plus, instead of ending up in a landfill, the clothes get a chance at a new life. There’s no point in throwing away a hat or a jacket that could be useful to someone else! 

If you want to learn about how recycling clothes reduces your environmental impact, read on. 


It Saves Them Going to Landfill 

Humans produce billions of tons of waste each year, and it is almost too much for the earth to handle. Your clothes don’t have to add to the pile. 


Throwing your clothes in the trash instead of choosing the recycling option means your clothes end up in a landfill. Not only does it take up space, but those clothes also produce methane as they break down, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions – the thing that causes global warming. Reduce your carbon footprint by making sure none of your clothes end up in a landfill. Choose to reuse, donate, or recycle instead. 


It Conserves Energy 

The amount of energy that goes into making clothes is a volume too high to truly comprehend. Manufacturers must use lots of it to produce all the clothing items you see in the store. Recycling textile waste reduces the amount of energy used, as manufacturers don’t have to make clothes from scratch – they already have the materials there. Just like driving electric cars, it’s a great way to be more energy efficient. 


It Saves Water

As well as energy, clothing manufacturers also use tons of water. Recycled clothes, though, don’t use nearly as much of that precious H2o. So, by recycling clothes, you actively contribute to a world with less water waste. 


Reduce Co2 Emissions 

Making new clothes pumps Co2 emissions into the atmosphere. With how many clothes get made, that’s a lot of carbon dioxide. Instead of throwing away your clothes and contributing to fast fashion, choose to recycle your clothing. You could go another step further and purchase your clothes second-hand, too. Do your part to help reduce carbon emissions. 


It Lets People Buy Second Hand 

A greener world is a world where people don’t have to purchase brand-new, built-from-scratch items every time. It’s where people can reduce their carbon footprint by recycling their old clothes and buying second-hand clothing options from thrift stores. By recycling your clothes and giving them a new life, you make it easier for others to purchase their next favorite jacket, pair of jeans, or sweater without buying something completely new. 


It Can Inspire Others to Follow Suit

With all the good that comes from recycling clothes, it makes sense that one of the best things you can do is inspire others to follow suit. If you make a habit out of recycling your old outfits and you tell your friends about it, you might inspire them to do the same. Get everyone on board with a reduced carbon footprint! 


You could go a step further if you have a social media following by showing others the best ways to recycle or upcycle their old clothes. 


How to Recycle Your Clothes 

Now you know why recycling your clothes is so important, you may be wondering, how? Luckily, there are several ways to recycle, depending on whether you have a bunch of tattered material or some gently used clothing that could get worn again. 


Donate to Charity 

One of the best ways that you can get rid of your old wears is to donate them to a charity of your choice. There are plenty out there that would love to take your old jeans, blouses, and shoes off your hands! Salvation Army, for example, is a great charity to donate clothes to. 


Take to the Thrift Store 

Another place to take your old clothes is the thrift store. They specialize in selling used items, and they’re always on the lookout for amazing clothes that have yet to live a full life. 


Sell Them 

Do you want to make some money while contributing to a greener world? If so, one option is to sell your old outfits. The better quality, the more money you make. If you have a dress that you’ve only worn once or twice, you could sell it for a decent price! The same can be said for shoes, jackets, purses – anything that people usually purchase. Try selling your old clothes online and see how much you can make. It beats them ending up in a landfill! 



Another way to reduce carbon footprint is to compost your clothes. Yes, it is doable! It prevents your textile waste from going to landfills and helps your garden grow. 


Textile Recycling 

Textile recycling is perfect for old clothes that simply cannot be worn again. Maybe they have rips, or maybe you have old bits of fabric lying around the place. Either way, textile recycling is the optimal route. 

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