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Looking to give the perfect gift? Take a look at why t-shirt blankets make the best presents for people of all ages.

December 30, 2020 4 min read

Why a T-Shirt Blanket Makes a Great Gift?


The gift of giving is important for many people. It’s an ideal way to show those you love and care for them, but also provides a sentimental gift that they’ll treasure for years to come. With so many gifts available to buy, it can be challenging to know what to gift your nearest and dearest. So why not make something like an awesome t-shirt blanket!

What is a t-shirt blanket?


A t-shirt blanket is a blanket made out of old t-shirts. This might be small baby tees, or children’s clothing made into a personalized gift, or perhaps t-shirts from over a period of time to symbolize the changes into adulthood. Whatever the t-shirt style, your old clothing doesn’t have to go to waste. Plus, it makes the perfect gift for people of all ages.


So what makes a t-shirt memory blanket a great gift? Take a look at some of the top reasons why it’s an ideal gift idea.

Why a t-shirt blanket is the best gift

1. A shirt blanket is unique


Many people strive to find those unique gifts for loved ones. Still, with so much choice available to buy, it can be overwhelming picking the perfect present. However, making a t-shirt blanket is something extra special and something that no one else will have. The t-shirts also make the blanket unique to the individual. It can be customized to different ages and moments in someone’s life to bring all the memories back. It really is a one of a kind gift!

2. Affordable to make


Whether you’re buying gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or graduation, the cost of the occasion can start to add up. To help keep the cost down but still give something they’ll absolutely love, a shirt blanket is an ideal choice. The cost of this present mainly comes down to time, as you’ll already have the t-shirts ready to customize into a blanket. The making process will also need a sewing machine (you can borrow one if you don’t have one to hand), and you may also require some material for the side seams to complete the finished product.


You can make a t-shirt blanket as small or as big as you wish, the image size will determine the panel size and how many t-shirts you have will also determine the overall blanket size. If you find sewing tricky, you can still achieve the perfect gift by turning to a t-shirt blanket company to do the hard work for you. Just send your t-shirt panels to them, and they’ll complete the blanket and send it back, simple!

3. Shows thoughtfulness


All too often, gift-giving can become over-commercialized, and the thought process of buying presents falls to the wayside. However, when you give a personalized and handmade present, the thought you put into this gift shines through. The elements of a t-shirt blanket also remind your loved ones of happy times and give them something more than just the blanket itself.

4. Creates cherished memories


By making a t-shirt blanket, you take all the precious times and memories and put them all together for the ultimate gift. These t-shirts represent different times in someone’s life and are ideal for memorable occasions and family mementos. The beauty of this type of gift is that it can also be added to in the future. A blanket could showcase special times for a family, and as the family grows, more t-shirts get added to the sides to make a bigger family treasure.


A t-shirt blanket is also perfect for anyone who loves to travel or lives away from family and wants to take a piece of home with them. The blanket could consist of tees from every member of the family and have special logos or designs to represent fun times and important dates.

5. T-shirt blankets are suitable for all ages


No matter the age of the person you’re buying for, a t-shirt blanket is suitable for anyone. The personalization of this gift means you can use any type of t-shirt to mark a special occasion, including gifts for babies, teenagers, and adults. T-shirt blankets are also perfect for kids, as they can take this memory blanket into adulthood.

6. Made to any theme or interests


Whether the person you’re giving a gift to loves sports or cartoon characters, you can tailor the blanket to their tastes and preferences. There are so many t-shirt designs available, and most people will have a wide selection in their wardrobe that they no longer wear anymore. You could also mix up colors or stick to a color palette. Some designs even have embellishments and texture, which can add an extra layer of depth to the t-shirt blanket.

7. The perfect sustainable gift


Sustainability is a hot topic of conversation at the moment. As gifts can often end up being wasted, choosing a sustainable option is a fantastic alternative. A t-shirt blanket is an ideal gift for this reason in two ways. The first is old tees won’t go to waste as you’ll be using them to repurpose into a fabulous gift. The second aspect is the person receiving this gift is likely to keep it for many years to come and may even repurpose and add to it in the future. Modern society often throws away too much stuff but decluttering and recycling old t-shirts is a great idea for gifts that mean more than the average store-bought items.

8. It’s not a last-minute buy


Making a t-shirt quilt is not typically something that can be created as a last-minute gift. Collecting the t-shirts takes time too, and this could be done over several years. If you’re adding to existing blankets, then the task of getting the blanket back and re-gifting can also be a really exciting aspect of the giving process.