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What’s the Difference Between a Blanket and a Throw?

August 28, 2023 5 min read

Is a blanket the same thing as a throw? Learn the difference between the two so that you always purchase the perfect one for your home. 


The home is an entirely personal space that should reflect your tastes and comforts. It’s your little snippet of the world, where you have all your old books, school reports, electronics, and that quirky lamp you bought at a flea market ten years ago. Naturally, you want your home to be as homely and comfortable as possible, and that’s where blankets and throws come into play. 

Blankets and throws have one major thing in common: they keep you warm and comfortable. Whether pulling a throw over you while watching your favorite TV show or layering a blanket over your comforter in the winter, they make your life much more snug. That doesn’t mean they have everything in common, though – blankets and throws are referred to interchangeably, but they are not 100% the same thing. Read on to learn: what’s the difference between a blanket and a throw?

Blanket vs. Throw: What’s the Difference?

To understand how blankets and throws differ from one another, it’s a good idea to know their definitions. 

A blanket is a large piece of material built for warmth and layering. They are often made of cotton or polyester and are placed on a bed to keep you warm throughout the night. 

On the other hand, a throw is a smaller piece of fabric that can be made from various materials. Instead of living on a bed, a throw can be placed anywhere and is often used for decorative purposes. However, it can still be “thrown” over the body for extra warmth and comfort. 

Here are the four main differences between a blanket and a throw: 

1: Material

Blankets are usually made of one type of material (often cotton) for optimal layering, while throws can incorporate multiple fabrics. Many kinds of materials are typical for throws, too, with wool and fleece throws being particularly popular. Sometimes, a throw will even have a fringe or tassels. 

2: Size

When comparing a blanket and a throw directly, you’ll probably notice a difference in size. Often, the blanket will be bigger than the throw. That’s because blankets are designed to fit on a bed. So, if you’re getting a blanket for a queen-sized bed, that will come in size 90 x 100 inches on average. 

Throws can be a wide variety of sizes, but they tend to be smaller than blankets, as they only really need to cover the body or the arm of a sofa. While throw sizing differs, an average throw is about 50 x 60 inches. 

3: Location 

The location of the blanket and the throw differs. Regular blankets live in the bedroom on top of the bed, providing an extra layer of warmth for nighttime. On the other hand, throws can be placed anywhere. As decorative items, you will often find them hanging over the side of the sofa or an armchair. 

4: How You Use it 

The function is the main difference between a blanket and a throw. Blankets are used for layering, whereas throws often get bought for aesthetic purposes; they act as a decorative addition to a room and their warmth is a bonus. 

Should You Get a Blanket or a Throw?

When it comes to whether you should purchase a blanket or a throw, it depends on what you want to use it for! Do you want an additional layer of coziness while sleeping? Are you not too worried about design? If so, a number of cotton blankets would fit the bill. 

If you’re looking for something that adds decoration, looks aesthetically pleasing, and provides some much-needed comfort while watching TV, then a throw is the way to go. 

Choosing the Right Blanket


When looking for a blanket to lay on top of the bed, the material is key here. Cotton blankets always work well. However, if you want plenty of warmth, down is particularly good for insulation and keeping yourself nice and toasty during the coldest months. You could also look into wool blankets as they are warm but breathable.


Blankets don’t focus on design quite as much, but you can still get really nice ones to add something interesting to your bedroom! The main thing here is to ensure the blanket’s design goes with your bedroom décor. You might also want to enjoy a unique style of blanket. A t-shirt blanket holds memories while also letting you add extra nighttime layers! 


Blanket sizes are specifically designed to fit onto your bed, so picking the size is easy. If you have a twin bed, you will get a 66 x 90-inch blanket, whereas if you have a California King, you would get a massive 104 x 108-inch-sized blanket. 

Choosing the Right Throw


You have various materials to choose from for the perfect throw. Wool is excellent as it’s thick and warm – great for winter. Linen and cashmere can look and feel beautiful for something a little lighter.


With throw designs, the possibilities are endless. You can pick from a range of fantastic colors, styles, and fabrics to suit the aesthetics of your home. The main thing here is that it appeals to you and matches the room it will live in. For example, if you need a throw for a black leather sofa, a pop of white in your throw would look stylish and eye-catching. 


The average throw size is 50 x 60 inches, as most don’t need to be big. However, consider whether you want a larger one for aesthetic or snuggling purposes. You will definitely need a larger throw if you have a larger chair or sofa.

Make Your Home Cozier with a Blanket or Throw

Blankets and throws differ when it comes to function, sizing, style, and where they get placed. However, in the end, they still provide plenty of comfort for anyone looking to stay warm and snug in their home. 

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